Automated Equipment LLC is a global provider of dispensing equipment to the world’s largest food service companies. We design and manufacture innovative, state of the art, restaurant equipment which improves food service operations. Our equipment is supported globally by a group of technicians dedicated to providing highly responsive service and technical support to our customer base.

You can count on our equipment to improve productivity, increase product yield, eliminate food contamination, and provide reliable portion control. We are the leading supplier of automated fry dispensing equipment worldwide with over 23,000 dispensers in operation, confirming that customers find great value in our equipment.

Our Mission

Automated Equipment LLC strives to be our customer’s preferred provider of proprietary and private label products and related service support. We value our ability to provide high quality products and dependable service for our customers, and a rewarding and engaging workplace for our employees.

Our Capabilities

Our business got its start in the early 90’s as part of the team that developed the first automated fry dispensing equipment. Since then we have expanded our capabilities to include the following:

Design Services

Our design team of mechanical, electrical and controls engineers are experienced in dispensing technology, food service applications as well as sheet metal fabrication and refrigeration.

Flexible Assembly

Our assembly technicians are experienced in electro-mechanical assembly, lean manufacturing and six sigma quality.  Our combined capabilities in assembly, warehousing and logistics allow us to warehouse fabricated parts, perform final assembly and ship to the end customer. For more information regarding our Flexible Assembly capabilities and how we may be of help to you Contact Us.

Polyurethane Foaming

We have the equipment and knowledge required to design, build and foam custom cabinets or enclosures.  Our team is set-up to handle your short-run or niche foaming applications.  For more information regarding our Polyurethane Foaming capabilities and how we may be of help to you Contact Us.

Technical Service and Support

We provide global service support to our customers and can provide these services to your non-consumer customers as well.
Our service resources include: